Session S34b (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P428: Teaching wirelessly using the iPad - and other strategies using technology to enhance student engagement

Andrew Grall (University of Arizona, USA)

Student engagement in college courses is essential to foster the active learning process in large classrooms. A software-based student-response system was used in conjunction with group work. Groups were formed such that some members had a device that could be used with the system.  The group would have one member log in during a lecture – and act as the group ‘spokesperson’ for the day. They would rotate who logs in and is the spokesperson for each lecture. The result is that the instructor would get immediate feedback on how well students understood the in-class activities – and reinforce the dynamics of students working in groups. The iPad has been used to wirelessly run lectures – control anything on the host computer – and smoothly annotate over anything on the projector – untethering the instructor from the front of the room and allowing for more interaction with students.


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