Session S34b (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P429: Mobile-enhanced inquiry based learning

Cynthia Powell (Abilene Christian University, USA)

Over the past five years, we have used mobile devices (iPods, iPhones, and iPads) to deliver podcasts covering essential laboratory techniques and central conceptual information to students enrolled in General Chemistry laboratories taught with an inquiry-based curriculum. Additional instructional materials have been available for in-lab use such as written procedures and MSDS sheets. A three-year study has shown mobile delivery of such resources to be very effective for supporting student learning on an as-needed basis. In addition, faculty members have leveraged applications and browser search engines on mobile devices as a support for student learning. In an effort to scale our approach to a larger audience, we have been working with faculty at two other institutions to deploy mobile-enhanced inquiry-based learning in various STEM laboratories. This presentation will include data collected on student performance and student approaches to learning at the three institutions, as well as challenges and successes in adapting the approach for different curricula.


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