Session S47a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Osmond 101)

P433: Gauging student learning using the Chemical Concepts Inventory in general and introductory chemistry

Julie Abrahamson (University of North Dakota, USA)

An online version of the Chemical Concepts Inventory (from J Chem Ed, 2001, ACS Division of Chemical Education, Inc.) was given via Blackboard in two large lecture courses as a means of assessing student progress in understanding of chemistry after one semester.  The students were given the Inventory at the start and conclusion of both courses.  Demographic information was gathered at the start to allow comparisons over time for different subsets within courses. The General Chemistry course was one of four lecture sections taught using a traditional lecture approach. The Introductory Chemistry was a single lecture section taught incorporating POGIL activities for about one-third of the class periods.  Results and implications from Inventory data gathered over the past two semesters will be discussed.


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