Session S47a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Osmond 101)

P434: Using the Chemical Concepts Inventory to assess supplemental instruction and tutoring

Jessica Orvis (Georgia Southern University, USA)

Supplemental instruction is a nationally recognized academic assistance program that targets at risk courses rather than at risk students by training a peer leader to guide an assisted learning study session.  At Georgia Southern University limited funds are available for providing supplemental instruction for all sections, so first semester general chemistry sections at greatest risk for high DWF rates (early morning sections, etc.) were scheduled with supplemental instruction while other sections were provided a staffed two hours per day tutoring center.  The Chemical Concepts Inventory (developed by William Robinson of Purdue University and Douglas Mulford of Emory University) was given to all students at the beginning and the end of the semester to determine if students in one group or the other demonstrated more significant learning gains.


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