Session S48 (Tuesday, 9:30am, Wartik 107)

P447: “Thinking and working like a chemist:” Comprehensive assessment of a pseudo-research experience in a second-semester chemistry majors lab

Jeffrey Raker, Kim Linenberger, Nicola Pohl, Michael Slade (Iowa State University, USA)

Students in a second-semester organic chemistry course for chemistry majors completed a pseudo-research experience in the instructional laboratory. This experience included the identification of suitable reagents for a given synthetic pathway from the scientific literature; students were directed to prepare and carry out experimental procedures from their literature investigation. Assessment data about the students’ metacognitive awareness, views of the nature of science, and self-reported outcome gains were gathered in a pre/post research design. Self-reported gains were collected from a “control group” second-semester organic chemistry lab course. Results of the impact of the pseudo-research experience on the measured outcomes will be reported.


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