Session S49a (Tuesday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P455: Student drawings as an assessment tool for learning from visualizations

Stephanie Ryan, Mike Stieff (University of Illinois – Chicago, USA)

Researchers and educators that investigate the usage of visualizations often face the challenge of how to assess learning from student interactions with visualizations. This talk will discuss the use of student drawings and written observations of visualizations as a way to assess learning from Connected Chemistry Curriculum simulations. We use examples from our curriculum and its related simulations to show how we have constructed open-ended questions through design iterations that give students opportunities to create representations that multiple choice tests do not afford. We will present student data from field studies that shows the need for a redesign of assessment questions. This allows us to analyze students’ written observations coupled with their drawings to provide insight into their understandings. Finally, we present data from field studies in a large urban school district that illustrate the important information garnered from student drawings and written observations that can be missed by traditional standardized multiple-choice tests.


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