Session S36b (Tuesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P488: I believe I can teach: Why don't you? - WITHDRAWN

Phil McLaury (Purdue University, USA)

This paper discusses beliefs about teaching held by preservice science teachers and their influences on self-perceived microteaching outcomes within interactive secondary science teaching methods courses. Hermeneutic methodology was used in collaboration with seven preservice science teachers to infer participant beliefs about teaching and draw connections between these beliefs and student perceptions of their assigned microteachings.

Participants were interviewed about each microteaching in conjunction with review of videotape. Refinements to emergent models of participant beliefs were made in subsequent interviews by directed interview questions and the tracking and discussion of participant actions during microteachings.

Interpretations suggest that participants’ beliefs, rather than external assessments, serve as the primary determinant for perceiving personal success in microteaching situations.  Explicit, instructor-planned interpersonal challenges to specific preservice teacher beliefs within these courses were generally treated as anomalous by participants, and therefore often rejected as valid sources of change to either knowledge or beliefs.


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