Session S39b (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P499: Duelling bonding theories: Using student engagement to address misconceptions of chemical bonding

Stephen McNeil (University of British Columbia – Okanagan, Canada)

University chemistry students must become familiar with a range of bonding theories (e.g. Lewis, VSEPR, VBT, MOT) in order to explain the physical and chemical properties of molecules.  A second-year bonding course has been developed that employs interactive student engagement exercises designed to promote the correct use of bonding concepts.  A quasi-experimental study with second-year chemistry students was undertaken both to establish the effectiveness of the engagement exercise, and to identify common bonding misconceptions about Lewis structures, VSEPR, and VBT. We find a statistically significant increase in student ability to correctly use various bonding models and a decrease in misconceptions among students enrolled in the bonding course relative to a non-enrolled control group.  Guided-inquiry interviews targeted and explored specific misconceptions, many of which involve the treatment of bonding models as memorized algorithms rather than principles-based approaches, or the use of atom-based reasoning rather than wholly molecular interpretations of bonding.


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