Session S41b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 110)

P504: Incorporating transition metal organometallic chemistry into introductory organic chemistry

Kara Cutrona

Transition metal organometallic chemistry has had an increasingly important role in organic chemistry research, such as in the development of commercial products and pharmaceutical drugs as well as in the discoveries of bioorganometallic (co)enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Comparatively, the content of the introductory organic chemistry course has not changed significantly over the past thirty years to reflect this growth. To expose students to current research and its applications as well as to strengthen their understanding of organic and general chemistry, this presentation will propose an integration of organometallic chemistry into a two-semester introductory organic chemistry course. The proposed approach begins with the basics of organic and d-orbital chemistry and builds to four important transition metal-catalyzed organic reactions: the Heck reaction, the Suzuki reaction, olefin metathesis and coenzyme B12 catalyzed reactions.


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