Session S41b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 110)

P510: Collaboration and guided inquiry in the organic chemistry laboratory

Susan Hershberger, Benjamin Gung, Janet Marshall (Miami University, USA)

The proven student-centered pedagogies of collaboration and guided inquiry are being applied to the development of organic laboratory activities to support both the regular (two semesters) as well as the spiral (two-cycle) organic lecture environment.  In these activities, students work in groups of four, on four complementary laboratory investigations.  The four investigations also feature tiered tasks and leading questions to provide guided inquiry for developing student knowledge and further discussion.   Several classroom and laboratory activities will be presented which describe and illustrate how these sets of four complementary student activities facilitate productive collaboration among students. The activities cover basic organic laboratory techniques, spectroscopy and reactions.  Since these collaboratively designed laboratory activities are being tested against the traditional model of a single classroom or laboratory activity, the preliminary results of the benefits of this collaborative guided inquiry model will also be presented.


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