Session S44b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 111)

P517: Chemistry of cuisine: Exploring food chemistry by cooking meals with honors students

Sunil Malapati (Clarke University, USA)

Food Chemistry was developed as an Honors course with a diversity component.  Students first explored flavor, texture, nutrition, cooking methods and other traditional food chemistry topics.  Students then used their knowledge to do small research projects in the chemistry laboratory and explored cuisine in the kitchen.  Students experienced multiple ethnic cuisines and delved into the science behind how ingredients are used in different ways by different cultures.  Each student group was responsible for one ethnic cuisine from menu planning and ingredient sourcing, to cooking and serving with an oral presentation that explored the nutritional and flavor profiles of the cuisine in general and the meal in particular and put them in a geographical and cultural context.  In addition, students explored socioeconomic factors in cuisine by cooking in a chain restaurant and serving in a homeless kitchen.  Honors students were thus able to integrate food chemistry into their liberal arts education.


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