Session S44b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 111)

P518: Metals ions in nutrition

Manisha Nigam (University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown, USA), Viniti Gupta (Shri Tika Ram Girls’ PG College , India), Sangeeta Kumar (Tikaram Girl’s P.G.College, India)

The study of Chemistry in Biological systems is concerned with the various chemical reactions affecting physiological functions within the biological system.  Biological systems have the ability to employ catalysts for the sustained release of energy. Metals can be a part of the structure of enzymes or activators or catalysts in these activities. Important biochemical activities are electron transport, enzyme activation to name a few.

A seminar study on the deficiency as well as toxicity of ten metals which are absolutely necessary for the existence of a living form was conducted by the graduate students of final year in an institution in Aligarh, India. They explored the role of these metal ions in the human body, dietary sources; diseases caused by their deficiency and associated symptoms.



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