Session S45b (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P522: Affecting high school chemistry teachers’ practice through an online graduate-level course concerning best practices

Sarah Boesdorfer, William Hunter (Illinois State University, USA)

Graduate-level courses for inservice teachers should help improve the teachers’ classroom practice.  For three semesters, we have offered an asynchronous online graduate-level course for certified teachers which, according to the teachers and their course assignments, is affecting their practice. We have found several factors important for inservice teachers’ learning and for changing their teaching practice. The factors include (1) the course materials, which are videos of experienced chemistry teachers demonstrating and explaining techniques that they use in their classrooms, (2) a review of and connection to learning theory including constructivism with specific classroom examples, and (3) interactions among the teachers with each other through discussion boards and writing assignments. The teachers, most of whom do not hold a degree in chemistry, provided several indications of using more reform-based and constructivist-based practices in their classes after taking this online course.


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