Session S34c (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P531: Using GIS software to make periodic table diffusion cartograms

Daniel Wiet, Thomas Higgins (Harold Washington College, USA)

Using two distinct software programs, ArcGIS 10 and Scapetoad, we have developed a straightforward methodology for students to make customized periodic table diffusion cartograms. These cartograms graphically illustrate important periodic trends in chemical and physical properties, as well as differences in elemental compositions of both living and non-living systems. Our work builds on Mark J. Winter’s paper “Diffusion Cartograms for the Display of the Periodic Table” (J. Chem. Ed., November 2011) by allowing students to control the process and the product from inception to completion.  The software required is available as limited free downloads, and students can produce the customized periodic tables in a short time period. We will present examples of student work and discuss how the process promotes both the understanding and the appreciation of the periodic table. We will also discuss the steps necessary for audience members to run the programs themselves, so they can begin producing their own periodic tables immediately.


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