Session S34c (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P532: Remote web-based science laboratory experiments

Daniel Branan (Colorado Community College System, USA)

In collaboration with our partners at North Island College, Canada (BC), we are developing a Remote Web-Based Science Laboratory (RWSL) in Denver, CO. The RWSL is designed to allow first-year online science students the opportunity to use typical laboratory instrumentation to collect real-time data for analysis.  Using a combination of robotics, cameras and a LabView software interface, students can remotely control and manipulate laboratory equipment such as spectrometers, gas emissions tubes, microscopes and air tracks, which online students would not normally have access to without physically visiting a traditional campus.  These remote laboratory experiments will enhance the other methods of teaching laboratory concepts and knowledge, such as home-based lab kits and simulations.  Spring and Summer of 2012 were the first time that RWSL experiments have been offered in a medium-scale implementation and this paper will relate the successes and challenges of this approach.


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