Session S34c (Tuesday, 2pm, Wartik 105)

P534: Student-created video reports as an alternate assessment in the general chemistry laboratory

Mitzy Erdmann, Joe March (University of Alabama – Birmingham, USA)

Student-created video laboratory reports were introduced in a first-year general chemistry laboratory course. These videos provided an alternate method of assessing laboratory techniques.  This asynchronous assessment encourages the students to master the technique, and is intended to cultivate the creation of a personal video portfolio of techniques for use in future experiments and courses.  Requiring students to record themselves performing laboratory tasks in the videos ensured the participation of all students. Student surveys indicate that students viewed this experience favorably compared to traditional report types.  This presentation will describe the technical requirements, laboratory implementation, the grading rubrics, student survey results, and teaching assistant comments about the new approach.  Implications about how these videos can expand the use of inquiry-based experiments will also be described.


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