Session S47b (Tuesday, 2pm, Osmond 101)

P537: Programmatic student learning outcomes for post graduate life

Gwen Shusterman, Dean Atkinson (Portland State University, USA)

Chemists think they are doing a good job of assessing content learning goals and skills.  But are we paying attention to the less tangible skills students need to succeed in the workplace? Our team has identified two learning outcomes to be applied across our curriculum that address qualities employers frequently cite as necessary for success in their workplace.   We have aligned course assignments and assessments with these student-learning outcomes in two advanced courses and will present assessment data collected at the conclusion of these courses.  Assessment data presented will include measures of student success, student attitudes and perceptions.  Additionally, the faculty perspective of this process, the impact on course structure and activities, and the institutional incentives that supported the project will be discussed.


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