Session S47b (Tuesday, 2pm, Osmond 101)

P541: Assessment at the department level: What do we expect graduating chemistry majors to demonstrate?

Mary Walczak (St. Olaf College, USA)

Assessment efforts at St. Olaf College have been implemented using a “meet in the middle’ strategy that combines the guidance of our elected curriculum committee members with the direction of the Dean’s Office to create assessment work that is meaningful and manageable.  The St. Olaf College chemistry department, as part of this campus-wide initiative, has established learning outcomes for the chemistry major.  Evidence regarding student achievement of selected outcomes has been gathered for the last several years.  We will discuss the department’s learning outcomes for our students and the evidence gathered to date.  In particular, we will show how use of ACS Standardized Exams has been used to provide formative assessment data on student learning and how this has informed our teaching.


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