Session S49b (Tuesday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P552: Design and production of animated problem solutions

Steven Wood (Brigham Young University, USA)

Students across the STEM disciplines rely heavily on worked-out sample problems in textbooks to model how to solve practice, homework, and exam problems. Too often the algorithms students extract from these sample solutions become the centerpiece of their problem-solving skills. Animating sample problem solutions are an option that presents many advantages over traditional written solutions. A short animated solution can illustrate the scenario or process described in the problem, providing the student with a concrete mental image of the problem elements. In addition, the underlying concepts and principles, which connect the elements of the problem can be dynamically introduced via visual elements. As part of an ongoing media-based text project, we have produced a series of animated problem solutions designed to better simulate and teach the problem solving process. The conception, design, and production of these problem animated solutions will be presented and a few them will be showcased.


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