Session S10 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P64: Inside-out outreach: Teaching pre-service elementary education majors how to prepare future scientists

Jennifer Robertson-Honecker (West Virginia University, USA)

In the spring of 2012, a new section of a Survey of Chemistry course was introduced specifically targeting elementary education majors. The traditional Survey of Chemistry course previously taken by these students was geared toward health professionals (nursing, dental hygiene) and provided little direction on how chemistry content could be used, addressed, or taught at the K-6 level. The new section was designed to more directly address the needs of elementary education majors and specific content, laboratory experiments, and classroom demonstrations were developed that could be used in their future classrooms. Emphasis was placed on designing safe activities with materials that could be purchased at the local grocery or hardware store. The talk will focus on the creation of exercises structured to enhance student understanding of chemistry content and improve student problem solving skills as well as student perceptions toward science as a result of the course.


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