Session S58a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 108)

P644: Improving classroom practice: Biochemistry instructors’ feedback about pedagogical changes inspired by diagnostic assessment

Sachel Villafane, Jennifer Lewis (University of South Florida, USA), Jenny Loertscher, Vicky Minderhout (Seattle University, USA)

Diagnostic assessment tools have the potential to improve classroom practice. The aim of this study was to gather information regarding pedagogical choices a group of biochemistry instructors made in response to diagnostic data. The instructors, all participating in a curriculum reform project, gave a common diagnostic assessment at the beginning of a term.  Overall student performance, performance by concept, and most common incorrect ideas were reported to the instructors. At the end of the term, an online survey was sent to these instructors to gain insight into how they utilized the information. The results indicated that although all instructors found the information useful, they tended to use classroom interventions that were already planned before the term started. These interventions were based on diagnostic assessment from previous terms, suggesting that, although real-time use of diagnostic assessment may not be feasible, interventions can be developed with multiple years of assessment data.


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