Session S59a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 106)

P652: Recognizing potential: Ensuring success for the underprepared student

Kimberley Grant (College of St. Elizabeth, USA)

Typically, students entering college are considered to be prepared for advanced course work like that required in chemistry.  At the College of St. Elizabeth, however, with a student body that is 50% minority and 40% from economically underprivileged areas in New Jersey, our students come with diverse needs and are largely underprepared for the intensity of a program such as chemistry.  This presentation will discuss the ways in which the teaching of chemistry at CSE has been modified to address student’s needs using alternate pedagogies in order to ensure student success.  Discussion will include methods used to identify which students have the potential to succeed in the program, supports that are put in place for those students, and new strategies for coursework and integrated lab work.


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