Session S41c (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 110)

P661: Who gives a darn? A POGIL modification that improves student perceived relevance of organic chemistry

Ehren Bucholtz (St. Louis College of Pharmacy, USA)

A challenge in chemistry courses is overcoming the perceived irrelevance of chemistry to non-major students; the learning focus is placed on chemical principles with scant attention to application in students’ future endeavors. Therefore, chemistry becomes a set of ideas to be memorized and recalled rather than understood and applied. To increase relevance of an organic course taught using POGIL methodology, a problem was added to each activity that could be answered by using concepts within the activity materials. Student perception of a) progress on learning objectives, b) instructor excellence, c) course excellence, and d) relevance to real life situations was assessed using the Individual Development and Educational Assessment (IDEA) Teaching Evaluation, a nationally normed database. Over a three year period, this change resulted in increased ratings on the IDEA evaluation from the bottom 30% of chemistry courses to the highest 10% of chemistry courses in the database.


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