Session S41c (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 110)

P665: PBworks: Wiki tool for collaborative writing

Sushama Dandekar (University of North Texas, USA)

The overarching goal of the term project is to make students better aware of the chemical world in which they live by independently exploring selected topics in detail.  They are expected to write a comprehensive review paper (ACS format) and present their findings to their peers in a seminar style.  This is primarily a group project requiring extensive collaboration between group members, which can present numerous challenges for face-to-face meetings due to conflicting schedules.  The use of an online wiki tool such as PBworks allows for a mechanism to overcome these challenges since students can discuss various aspects of the project and edit/review each others’ work asynchronously.   In addition, the contributions of each group member can be tracked by the instructor, thereby encouraging greater individual accountability within the group. Anecdotal student feedback from the past five semesters during which students were required to use this tool for creating their paper is encouraging.


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