Session S41c (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 110)

P666: Molecule profiles: An interactive learning tool

Sushama Dandekar (University of North Texas, USA)

Molecule profiles of selected compounds representing different functional groups were created (approximately 20), documenting an array of chemical features in an interactive PowerPoint format. Students can access the profiles of these selected compounds through Blackboard and scrutinize various characteristics such as stereochemistry, isomers, pka values, NMR/IR spectra, syntheses, reactions, etc. some of which are typical of the respective functional group families. This is envisioned as a teaching/learning tool to present varied examples to illustrate the concepts as they are discussed in class. Through the in-depth analysis of the various compounds presented via the profiles, as well as the “Explore Further” feature in each profile, students should be able to more easily integrate the different concepts that they are expected to master.


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