Session S66 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P714: Service partnership with local city government and Hoosier River Watch

Cathrine Reck (Indiana University, USA), Kriste Lindberg (City of Bloomington, USA), Steve Tait (Indiana University, USA)

Since 2005, Indiana University Department of Chemistry has offered G201: Service Learning in Chemistry course every semester with enrollments totaling 185 students.  Initial focus has been solely on preparation and execution of demonstrations and in-class lessons at the primary and secondary schools executed by undergraduates.  In spring 2011, the Chemistry Department and City of Bloomington entered into a partnership to conduct environmental testing on the Clear Creek Watershed near an abandoned railroad.  This area is of particular interest due to its proximity to areas of past high industrial use, in particular a creosote plant.  Students were trained using the Hoosier River Watch volunteer standard operating procedures.  Additionally, students have been extracting their samples and monitoring the organic content using GC-MS and the metal content using AA.  In three semesters, 46 students have chosen to apply their course content through service learning.


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