Session S66 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P718: Starting small & going big: Civic engagement at Kalamazoo College and the chemistry classroom

Regina Stevens-Truss (Kalamazoo College, USA)

In spring 2011, Kalamazoo College celebrated its 10th anniversary of having Service-Learning (SL) and Civic Engagement in its community.  For the first seven years of this, the Introductory Chemistry II course engaged its students in Service-Learning.  Students in the course designed experiments adaptable for use in K-6th grade classrooms, and implemented the experiments in collaboration with students at a local elementary school.  Many of these projects are now used as a tool in mentoring young girls in our community.  In this presentation, tools for the implementation of SL projects into a classroom will be discussed, addressing pros and cons, as well as an introduction on how we can all “go big.”


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