Session S67a (Wednesday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P726: Constructing chemical concepts at the nanoscale through analogy

Marc Muniz, Maria Oliver-Hoyo (North Carolina State University, USA)

Many of the phenomena we observe at the nanoscale are relevant to what is commonly observed in other chemical or physical systems. By utilizing a theoretical framework for analogy, students are encouraged to explore the nanoscale in the context of the chemical and physical processes with which they are already familiar. In the analogical part of the framework, common relations (how two or more parts of a system relate to one another) between core components and those at the nanoscale are capitalized on. In addition, when core and nano concepts are sufficiently disparate, a bridging concept (one whose attributes are more obviously shared at the core and nano levels) is used. Activities are built on the foundation of this overall framework to give students the opportunity to make such connections and consequently enhance their analogical thinking as it is a useful pedagogical resource in the physical sciences as a whole.


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