Session S67a (Wednesday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P729: Understanding of nanoscale and nanostructures grow by using educational outreach activities

Kermin Joel Martínez-Hernández, Rafal Dziedzic, Anne Lynn Gillian-Daniel, Greta M. Petersen (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA), Frank Soto-DelValle (University of Puerto Rico – Cayey, PR)

Normally, understanding the scale and size of nanomaterials is quite difficult for students and the general public. The Interdisciplinary Education Group (IEG) at the University of Wisconsin – Madison Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) has developed two educational outreach activities in nanoscale science and nanostructured materials. One of the activities uses nanotechnology properties and concepts as a vehicle to understand surface area, pore size, and scale at the nanometer level. The activity was developed using commercial sponges to clean stains in a surface. Celestron/SEM microscope images were used to visualize pore size and structure of these sponges. The second activity is about the microwave synthesis of zinc nanostructures (zinc hydroxyl sulfate) completed in 15-20 minutes. The growth of the nanostructures was confirmed by Celestron/SEM microscope images. This presentation will present the activities procedure, results, and suggestions for implementation as part of outreach events or classroom activities.


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