Session S68a (Wednesday, 9:30am, Wartik 105)

P733: Preparatory course for both general chemistry and allied health students

Karen Timberlake (Los Angeles Valley College, USA)

Until the 1960’s, there was one preparatory course, designed for students going into general chemistry.  At this time, another preparatory course was developed for allied health students.  However, a new trend may be developing as colleges combine the two preparatory courses due to budget constraints.  Concerned that the allied health students need an introduction to organic and biological chemistry, I began a preparatory chemistry book that will be useful for both student populations, with organic chemistry introduced in the early chapters of the text.

In the 4th edition of Basic Chemistry we introduce math remediation in the first chapter instead of its more usual place in the index.   Throughout the text, there are Key Math Skills as well as Core Chemistry Skills, summarized with examples at the end of each chapter. Each chapter begins with Chapter Readiness that lists the previous math and chemistry skills for student review.


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