Session S58b (Wednesday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P757: Reading more than the textbook makes biochemistry more interesting

Christina Miller (Adams State College, USA)

In my 400-level biochemistry course I have a diverse group of chemistry, biochemistry, and biology majors.  I want them all to understand and appreciate biochemistry and its applicability to other disciplines.   To this end, in addition to lecture, I have incorporated assignments into the course where the students read an article or medical case study and then answer questions about the information.   These questions may be assigned as homework, as in-class activities, or as in-class quizzes.   The questions are sometimes answered individually or in groups, but always for credit.   In addition, questions concerning these concepts appear on appropriate lecture exams.   In this talk I will attempt to show that the students not only learn the relevance of biochemistry to their discipline, but also learn important biochemical concepts through these activities.


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