Session S58b (Wednesday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P758: Assessing the development of critical thinking skills using group presentations in biochemistry

Scott Tremain (University of Cincinnati, Blue Ash College, USA)

Individual student presentations have the advantage of allowing faculty to assess numerous components of learning, including the development of critical thinking skills. However, large class sizes and time constraints often make this difficult to implement. The compromise is to have students work in small groups to give a presentation to the class on a biochemistry topic relevant in their everyday life. This paper addresses whether group presentations can be used to assess a student’s ability to develop critical thinking skills and whether group presentations get students to see the real-world relevance of biochemistry. Statistically significant results from a longitudinal study over three quarters on the assessment of critical thinking using a five-point scale rubric will be presented. Results from pre- and post-presentation instruments will also be presented.


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