Session S58b (Wednesday, 2pm, Wartik 108)

P760: Student-centered approach in biochemistry laboratory

Tracey Murray (Capital University, USA)

One of the standard experiences of any undergraduate biochemistry laboratory is the purification of a protein of interest. Drawing from published and unpublished sources, a protocol was developed for the purification of riboflavin binding protein from chicken eggs. Several analysis protocols were also developed. Instead of lecturing the students for 30-60 minutes before each lab period, the students were given the protocols and a minimal safety talk before doing the lab work. Each student was assigned one of the methods used and a poster session was held where each student presented their assigned method, its theoretical basis, and how it was used in the lab. To assess how well the students were learning given this type of experience, a pre-test was given on the first day of lab and similar questions were included on the final exam. Student performance increased markedly from pre- to post-test.


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