Session S70 (Wednesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P778: Evolution of a forensic chemistry laboratory at a small, independent, liberal arts college for women; from high school summer science program to 100 level chemistry curriculum

Ganga Fernando (Cottey College, USA)

This workshop will present the evolution of a Mock Crime Scene offered at a high school summer camp into a non-science majors’ forensic chemistry experiment at a small, independent, liberal arts college for women. Students’ perspectives and the instructor’s experience will be discussed using the studies done over a three year period. The Cottey College “Exploring Careers in Science” workshop brings students from all over the country to campus for a week of leaning and experiencing science and science-related careers. A two-day, six-hour mock crime scene was developed as part of this summer camp in 2008. During the next two years, the case, “Who killed Sidney Simms?”, which included evidence analysis techniques such as GC/MS, NMR and FTIR, paper chromatography and different methods of fingerprinting, led to an undergraduate research internship opportunity and finally to a non-science majors’ Introduction to Forensic Chemistry laboratory experiment.


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