Session S65b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 201)

P817: Quantitative analyses in survey instrument development

Mary Beth Anzovino, Andrew Greenberg, John W. Moore (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)

One of our research questions aims to investigate whether research-inspired general chemistry lab experiments impact students’ perceptions of and attitudes toward scientific research.  Numerous survey instruments exist to assess individuals’ perceptions of science in general and of individual fields such as chemistry.  However, this vast library of instruments does not include a valid, reliable survey to measure individuals’ perceptions of and attitudes toward scientific research; upon discovering this void, we began to design one.  Before a new instrument can be used to answer research questions, however, its validity and reliability must be demonstrated statistically.  This presentation will focus on the quantitative aspects of developing such an instrument (by either adapting an existing instrument or crafting an entirely new tool), and will discuss the appropriate utilization of statistical measurements to assess these criteria, focusing on factor analytic methods and Cronbach’s α.


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