Session S26e (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P826: Developing an interactive general chemistry problem solving classroom - WITHDRAWN

Carrie Silverstein, Mary Jo Bojan, William Farina, Jr. (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Student-centered learning has become the cornerstone of the general chemistry recitation periods at Penn State.  Recitation periods traditionally are sessions that focus on problem solving with a class size averaging between 25 and 30 students.  As such, they are the ideal place to implement student-centered techniques at the university level because of manageable class sizes maximizing student interaction.  We will present the current methods of instruction utilized by our teaching assistants focusing on group work, interaction with students, and peer interaction.  Particular emphasis will be placed on the role these methods play in increasing student success.  Student perceptions of their classroom experiences are especially valuable when evaluating the success or failure of student-centered methods.  We will provide evidence of current student perceptions of these methods of instruction to support our belief in the success and voracity of these techniques.


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