Session S26e (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P830: Student opinions regarding the use of groupwork and 'clicker-less' response system

Andrew Grall (University of Arizona, USA)

In order to foster a more student-centered classroom, students were formed into groups to work on in-class activities.  A ‘Clicker-Less’ response system was also used to get immediate feedback and to reward students with participation/attendance credit.  Since not every student owned a device capable of running the response software – a novel approach was developed in which when the students formed groups of 3-4 students, a minimum of 2 people in the group owned a device with which someone could respond.  One person from the group would log in on a class day and act as the spokesperson for the group.  They would then rotate who logs in each class, and the response data was gathered over approximately 2 weeks and merged to award credit.

A number of surveys were run to gather student opinions on the use of group work and the response system in the classroom.


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