Session S26e (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 117)

P832: Assessing group work using peer and self assessment

James Gaynor (University of Liverpool, UK)

Peer and self-assessment helps develop a variety of skills suitable to the real world; the ability to reflect on ones performance and critically analyze that of your peers is often part of a working environment. This study spans six modules across both Chemistry and Biosciences at the University of Liverpool, UK, with the key aim to analyze the consistency of using a variety of peer and self-assessment methods when compared to academic judgment. Here we examine one case study, where groups of students undertook collaborative assignments on bioorganic chemistry using a wiki tool within our virtual learning environment. Peer and self-assessment was completed on all individuals within a group, and also on the final output from each and every group. Evaluation was completed by comparing staff and student assessments, which were completed independently, as well as obtaining student feedback on the process.


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