Session S51d (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P847: Use of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project in teaching chemistry

Lisa Goss (Idaho State University, USA)

Wolfram Research is the maker of the symbolic math engine Mathematica. Wolfram Research also offers several free online services including Wolfram|Alpha and the Wolfram Demonstrations Project (WDP). The WDP is a free, web-based collection of more than 7000 interactive visualizations on a wide variety of subjects including various areas of chemistry. Only a web browser and a free browser plug-in are needed to use and interact with these Demos. In this talk, uses of Demos from the WDP in teaching physical chemistry will be discussed and a brief overview of the preparation of these Demos will be provided. Demos can be prepared in Mathematica by enclosing almost any expression in the built-in Manipulate[ ] command and range from very simple to quite elaborate. Examples of Demos useful for teaching other areas of chemistry will also be presented. (The author is not affiliated with Wolfram Research.)


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