Session S51d (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P850: ChemEdXData: Teaching chemistry with visual web-based representations

Xavier Prat-Resina (University of Minnesota – Rochester, USA)

ChemEdXData is a set of open web tools to display chemical data on multiple web platforms. It is designed to be a service of data tailored for an educational audience. In particular, ChemEdXData focuses on providing graphical and interactive representations of scientific numerical data that bring digitally-enhanced graphics to the learning experience (e.g. a plot showing how the molecular dipole of molecules correlate with their boiling point). It aims to bridge the multi-purpose scientific databases and the Chemistry curriculum. As educational materials progress, they will require a seamless and easy to use tool to incorporate real and exemplary data in a visual and interactive way. In addition, as science textbooks and STEM resources evolve and step into the digital world there is an imperative to provide to the educational community tools that take full advantage of new developments in visualization technologies.


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