Session S51d (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P851: ChemEd DL WikiHyperGlossary: An information literacy tool of the digital era

Robert Belford, Michael Bauer, Daniel Berleant, Roger Hall (University of Arkansas – Little Rock, USA), Jon Holmes, John W. Moore (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)

This presentation describes core features of the ChemED DL WikiHyperGlossary with a focus on their relevance to education.   Through automated markup the WikiHyperGlossary links the texts of digital documents and web pages to the content of an online glossary database. Activating a linked word in a document superimposes the definition on the document, while also providing a variety of chemical visualization, search and editing features. Without leaving the document one can find information on a chemical in the document, change it, and find information on the new chemical. We will discuss a strategy for improving reading comprehension of digital text-based resources in one’s distal knowledge space by coupling novice-level, wiki-generated, socially editable definitions to canonical expert-level, peer reviewed, non-editable definitions. We will also report on four semesters of classroom activities using the WikiHyperGlossary in a university freshmen chemistry course.


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