Session S51d (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 118)

P852: Chembites: A new online tool to get students interested in current chemical research

Shannon Morey (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)

Learning how to read scientific papers is a difficult process for any young chemistry student.  It often creates a large activation barrier to fully appreciating the depth and breadth of current chemical studies.  We have developed a blog to help combat this problem – chemistry graduate students take current chemical literature and summarize it for an undergraduate audience.  We hope to make chemistry students more comfortable reading scientific journals.  Blog posts summarize one recent paper, focusing on the importance of the research, the main methods, and conclusions.  We select our articles from a diverse set of journals covering all topics related to chemistry.  The educational benefits of our blog are twofold: readers learn about current research and contributors hone their writing and communication skills.  In addition to summarizing chemical literature, we have posts with career advice, historical overviews, science policy, and useful tools for chemistry students in order to meet our audience’s needs.  We will present our methodology, our audience demographics, and sample content from our most popular features.


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