Session S15 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 219)

P89: Emphasizing integration across chemistry subdisciplines: Restructuring within upper-level chemistry laboratory courses

Jennifer Monahan (Saint Louis University, USA)

BS Chemistry Majors at Saint Louis University are required to enroll in a series of Core Upper Level Laboratory courses:  Quantitative Analysis, Physical Chemistry, Organic Spectroscopy, Instrumental Analysis, and Inorganic Chemistry.  In Fall-2008, the department moved to integrate several Upper Level Laboratory courses under a single instructor.  One offshoot of this move is that multiple lab courses were set-up for Vertical Integration.  Specifically, course expectations have been designed to build on the foundations from earlier semesters, emphasizing the reinforcement and continual expansion of student laboratory skills.  Thus far, curriculum planning has focused on the evolution of (i) independent student preparation & planning, (ii) instrumental techniques, and (iii) scientific writing.  Specific examples will track general topics (e.g. UV-Vis Spectroscopy or Computational Chemistry) across multiple classes with an emphasis on the evolution of course expectations.


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