Session S72 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P892: Enhancing laboratory education through post-lab discussion presentations

Russell Bornschein, Nancy Konigsberg Kerner (University of Michigan, USA)

This presentation will demonstrate how inclusion of a team-centered post-lab discussion format enhanced the laboratory-learning environment.  Discussion preseentations focus emphasis on the appropriate analysis of data and communication skills.  Quality discussion presentations are not easy for students to do and for the graduate and undergraduate instructors to facilitate.  The discussion presentation process was pushed in a quality direction with the aid of discussion templates, grading rubrics, and other “model” postings that will be shared. The course that is the focus and model for this presentation is a large (~ 2000 students per academic year) independent laboratory-centered general chemistry course. A goal of the course is to expose students to scientific process and facilitate an understanding of core chemistry concepts while developing life long skills such as data analysis and oral communication skills.


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