Session S2a (Sunday, 2pm, CHEM 102

P9: Adventures with developing two forensics chemistry courses

Renee Beeton (Adams State College, US)

Using the knowledge learned from the CWCS Forensics Science Workshop (2010) as a foundation, a new general education course “Introduction to Forensics Chemistry” was developed at Adams State College. In the development of the course, both the students and instructor were exposed to many exciting, non-traditional chemistry activities, such as: collecting evidence at staged crime scenes around campus, using polarized light microscopes to analyze drug crystals, pairing up with the police department to “arrest” a student for drunk driving, and introducing relevant concepts from biology and geology as well as chemistry.  The new course has been offered twice and each time the class was enthusiastically received by the students and the enrollment limit was exceeded.  Due to the success of the course, forensics modules have been added to the instrumental analysis laboratory and an upper divisional course in forensics chemistry has been taught once.


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