Session S76 (Thursday, 9:30am, Wartik 107)

P918: Integrated approach to anionic living polymerization pedagogy

Carl Aronson, Sianna Bates, Joshua Shahbandeh, Amanda Willinger (Northeastern State University – Broken Arrow, USA)

The anionic living polymerization (ALP) subject is conventionally isolated near the end of an organic chemistry course sequence.  However, appropriate vinyl monomers initiated by alkyl lithium reagents can be introduced during discussions of Michael reactions as a mere repetitive conjugate addition with the capability of producing block copolymer architectures.  Holistic organic student understanding of ALP was accomplished by braiding qualitative mechanistic visualization studies with quantitative thermodynamic and kinetic based exercises.  The ALP mechanism was initially illustrated using engineering imagery and further animated.  The site for proper versus improper nucleophilic attack on monomer was ascertained via molecular modeling.  ALP propagation step kinetics were rigorously modeled as a function of monomer identity, temperature, solvent dielectric constant, impurity concentration, initiator and counterion identity using systems dynamics software. Multi-step sequential addition anionic block copolymerization propagation kinetics was modeled to calculate block molecular weight and polydispersity given the monomer sequence, reaction temperature, and impurity concentration.


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