Session S78 (Thursday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 011)

P928: Longhand method for drawing chemical formulae based on an artist's view of contemporary knowledge of the atom

Julie Newdoll (Brush with Science, USA)

Formularrows were designed by a professional artist inspired by science as a longhand precursor to the elegant but sparser methods for drawing chemical formulae.  They use an arrowhead to represent each valence electron, or those typically shown in a Lewis structure. The character of the line on which an electron arrowhead is drawn represents the type of bond, where a straight line represents a sigma bond, a pair of curved lines represents a pi bond, and a pair of dashed curved lines signifies a delocalized pi bond, such as in polyatomic ions and benzene.  Other features include a new type of dative bond symbol, a way to indicate the presence of “extra” electrons in a negatively charged molecule, the ability to indicate polarity in a bond easily, a unique ionic bond representation, and a way to represent in one structure what would normally require multiple resonance structures.


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