Session S78 (Thursday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 011)

P929: Interactive web-based pointillist visualization of hydrogenic orbitals using Jmol

Robert M Hanson (St. Olaf College, USA), Robert Caldwell, Brian Hardock, Pshemak Maslak, Thomas Stitt, Shane Tully (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Exploration of the shapes and relative sizes of hydrogenic orbitals is a standard topic in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. The challenge in devising visualization methods for such orbitals is finding an adequate method of representing four-dimensional constructs (electron density as a function of three independent positional variables) in two-dimensional drawings, or in three-dimensional models or computer displays. Recently textbooks are moving more and more to probabilistic perspectives of atomic structure, kinetics, and reactivity. In this presentation we will introduce a new web site that allows students to explore the sizes, shapes, and symmetries of hydrogenic orbitals interactively and from a primarily probabilistic viewpoint.


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