Session S15 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 219)

P93: Assessment of the vertical integration of GCMS instrumentation within the chemistry curriculum

Lois Zook-Gerdau (Muskingum College, USA), Deepa Perera (Muskingum College, USA), Eric Schurter (Muskingum University, USA), Paul Szalay (Muskingum College, USA)

In 2008 Muskingum University received an NSF grant titled “Curricular Enhancement of the Sciences through the Vertical Integration and Interdisciplinary Applications of GCMS.”  Assessment of the vertical integration occurred through direct and indirect measures.  Learning objectives were designed for six core courses to ensure that the sequence of experiments both reinforced and built off the preceding experiments.  Two methods employed to directly measure student outcomes were laboratory report rubrics that assessed each learning objective and a concept quiz.  An indirect measure of student outcomes was a student survey of learning gains that asked students to rate their perceived level of achievement related to the learning objectives for the laboratory experiments as well as several prompts related to the overall pedagogical goals of the vertical integration.  Assessment results will be presented that include the first cohort of students who have participated in the entire vertically integrated sequence (Fall 2009-Spring 2012).


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