Session S64c (Thursday, 9:30am, Mueller 008)

P936: Electronic homework: Gendered attitudes and success rates

Michelle Richards-Babb (West Virginia University, USA)

Instructor use of electronic homework to support student learning has steadily increased over the last decade.  Instructors of large enrollment chemistry courses now routinely use electronic homework to supplement student learning outside of lecture.  Electronic homework increases student’s time-on-task, provides instant feedback on question correctness, and encourages active learning with concomitant success rate improvements in chemistry coursework.  From our research on use of electronic homework in general chemistry coursework, we have observed gendered differences in attitudes toward electronic homework and gendered impacts on success rates.  For example, although females were more receptive to use of electronic homework, males benefited more from its use.  To support this finding, evaluative summary data of historical success rates and attitudes toward use of electronic homework will be presented.


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